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Erection difficulties

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Erection difficulties

What erectile dysfunction is?


Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to sustain or achieve an erection to have sexual intercourse.

Almost all men experiment difficulties to achieve or keep an erection at some point in their lives. It can occur occasionally or it may persist in time. In the first instance it might disappear on its own or with a light treatment. However, if you have some difficulties you should consider to resort to a treatment. It is wise to check with your doctor since erectile dysfunction can affect to your living standard and it could be a symptom of a severe health problem.

It is estimated that 19% of men between the ages of 25 and 70 suffer from erection difficulties. The percentage rises to 25% at the age of 40.

We should not confuse the impotence with premature ejaculation or male sterility as a man with erection difficulties is perfectly capable of producing spermatozoids and vice versa.


How erection works


It begins with the stimulation received in the brain, producing an excitement. Muscles get relaxed so the blood is kept in the corpora cavernosa that makes penis gets erect. The corpora cavernosa are tissues which are made up by spongy tissues capable of filling with blood.


It is necessary to have erections for living a healthy life; otherwise erectile dysfunction could lead to a reduction of penis blood circulation and disuse atrophy.


Erectile dysfunction


Formerly people used to think that erection difficulties were directly related to mental and emotional disorders. Nowadays it is known that most causes are physical.

In principle, there are 3 causes:


  1. In most cases, it is caused by a physical problem. Some common causes are:


Vascular problems as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Blood does not keep in the corpora cavernosa. Check with your doctor due to erectile dysfunction could be a symptom of a severe problem as heart diseases.


Unhealthy habits as drugs abuse, alcohol, tobacco, overeating and lack of exercise reduce the body´s ability to respond to stimulus.


Neurological damage as spinal cord injury, prostate cancer´s treatment, radiotherapy, multiple sclerosis and other diseases related to nervous system, can interfere with the nerve signals which produce the erection.


The organism does not produce enough testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for sexual desire, increasing the frequency of sexual intercourses.


Some medicines, antidepressant, blood pressure medications can lead to erectile dysfunction. Check with your doctor to study the possibility of changing your medication but do not stop taking your medication on your own under no circumstances.


  1. Psychological causes could cause that a healthy penis does not work properly as stress, depression or anxiety.


In addition, erectile dysfunction can undermine moral or even lead to a depression, entering into a vicious circle.


Erectile dysfunction in old age


As men age is more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Most causes are physical although it should not be assumed that is a natural part of aging.

There is not a certain age; it usually appears between the ages of 55 and 60 though it depends on each person.


Erectile dysfunction in young people


Young people are not immune from the possibility of suffering erectile dysfunction. Sometimes causes are related to psychological problems rather than physical problems. In either case, it is important to trust your partner and speak about it openly.

As we mentioned earlier, alcohol reduces the body´s ability to respond to stimulus. Besides, substance abuse numbs the nervous system and tobacco abuse obstructs the blood flow.




If you suffer from a sporadic erection difficulty and you do not want it to happen again, you can make small changes in your life style in order to prevent erectile dysfunction: you can reduce your alcohol intake, tobacco or other substances, get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise. In this way, your blood flow will improve. It is also very helpful to speak openly with your partner.

If erection difficulties are frequent, do not hesitate to check with your doctor. Each man has different needs so your doctor will diagnose and treat you individually.

There are some treatments in the market. Vacuum pumps tend to give good result and it is ideal for those who do not want or cannot take pills. The pump creates a vacuum in the cylinder around the penis. This draws blood into the shaft of the penis and causes it to swells and become erect. One of the constriction rings is the slid down over the shaft of the penis. This prevents blood from flowing back out of the penis when the cylinder is removed and also maintains the erection. The thus obtained erection allows for normal and satisfying sexual intercourse. If you want to read more about our vacuum pump click here.


Treatments are designed to achieve and keep an erection to have sexual intercourse, but they do not heal it. Also you must take into account that treatments might NOT work as you expected especially if we are talking about a severe problem of erectile dysfunction.




The purpose of this post is purely informative. It does not replace a medical consultation.




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