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Know your fertility days to get pregnant!

13, November | No comments
Know your fertility days to get pregnant!

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is the human body temperature when you wake up in the morning before making any activity. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to evaluate the cycle and to know the most favorable days to get pregnant is measuring the basal temperature with basal thermometer, which is sensitive enough to measure small changes in body temperature. Some women use this method to avoid pregnancy. Although, it does not prevent pregnancy by its own, so make sure that you combine it with another contraceptive method. 

How does it work?

Basal body temperature changes in relation with the amount of progesterone in your blood. When progesterone falls, the basal temperature is rather low whereas when progesterone rises, the basal temperature is higher.

You will be more fertile two days before your temperature rises so it is important to take a reading each morning before getting out of bed with a basal thermometer as it may be easier to predict when you will ovulate. Make a graph with basal temperatures and dates to help you.

The temperature range may vary depending on the type of measurement:

Rectal measurement; from the medical point of view, this is the most recommended and accurate. Insert the sensor in the rectum about 2cm very gently. Do not move until the measurement finishes (40-60 seconds).

Underarm measurement: in relation to the rectal measurement it can fluctuate between 0,5 °C ~ 1,5 °C. Rest your arm in your thorax 5 minutes, in this way your underarm will be “closed”. Then, put the sensor in the center of your underarm. Do not move your arm until the measurement finishes (80-120 seconds).

Oral measurement: in relation to the rectal measurement, this one is less than 0,3 °C ~ 0,8 °C. Put the sensor under your tongue in a stable position and make sure the sensor is in contact with the mucosa. Breathe ordinarily and do not open your mouth until the measurement finishes (50-70 seconds).

It is necessary to use the same type of measurement to compare the information more easily.

You should know that illness, alcohol or having a lie-in could increase your temperature and painkillers could reduce your temperature.

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The purpose of this post is purely informative. It does not replace a medical consultation



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