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What is it?

Menopause is the time when the function of the ovaries ceases, the menstrual periods stop permanently therefore,it is the end of fertility. Menopause tends to appear between 45-55 years old. Usually it is referred to as the “change of life”.

Some symptoms of menopause:

Hot flashes are the most frequent symptom of the menopause. You will feel heatthrough your body. They can include blushing, sweating and palpitations. This feeling will go on for some years after your last period.

There is an androgen deficiency which causes vaginal dryness. Consequently, sexual relationships could be painful and infection risk increases. This is likely to get worse unless they are treated, soyou can use a vaginal moisturizer or lubricant for intercourse.

The frequency of periods is affected so they could come earlier or later than before and you may have lighter or heavier periods than usual.

Due to the corporal alterations, it is common to suffer from pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. You should check with your doctor in order to try to solve this problem.

Menopause causes an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Other symptoms can show up such as insomnia, headache, vertigo, etcetera. Besides, it is not unnatural to experiment mood changes, such as tiredness, irritability, depression or anxiety.

The purpose of this post is purely informative. It does not replace a medical consultation

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