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What are you waiting for using the Menstrual Cup?

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What are you waiting for using the Menstrual Cup?

The Iriscup Menstrual cup is an object made of silicone with a cup shape which you can insert in your vagina collecting menstrual flow. It is an innovate and healthy alternative to tampons and disposable pads. Today, we will explain you the advantages and how to know your size.





You will not notice it, if the menstrual cup is well placed. It is inserted like a tampon and creates a vacuum effect fitting vaginal walls. However, it requires some practice at the beginning.

It does not interfere when you go to the toilet and it is completely invisible.

The menstrual cup is odorless as the fluid is not exposed to air, unlike tampons and pads.

Its capacity is three times larger than tampon. Depending on your flow, you will see how often you need to empty the cup. You can go up to 12 hours with a menstrual cup, while you need to change disposal pads and tampons every 4-5 hours.

You can wear it at night.

It supports the IUD and the contraceptive ring

It is ideal for sports, even those which require a lot of mobility since the menstrual cup will not move.


It respects your vaginal flora

The menstrual cup collects the menstrual flow; instead of absorb it like tampons, so it protects your vaginal flora. You can even insert it before your menstruation.

It is hypoallergenic so every woman can use it.

It is made o silicone, the safest and biocompatible material that can come into contact with or bodies, because it will not cause any reaction such as an allergy or inflammation.

The menstrual cup is not associated with any known case of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).



It is reusable and if you care for it, you can use it for about 10 years so it is the most economical use of other disposable products.



Tampons and pads take years to decompose and just a woman can use from 8000 to 17000 tampons/pads in her life. Besides, the menstrual cup´s material is less polluting and it has a usable life of 10 years. 


How it Works?

It requires practice, so at the beginning it could be a bit complicate.

  1. Although it is quite obvious, the first thing you must do is to clean your hands deeply before picking the menstrual cup.

Relax and find the most comfortable position for insertion.

Fold it as shown in the picture and insert it in your vagina.

Then make sure the menstrual cup is open and in the right place. (It is not in the right place if it uncomfortable to wear). Do not get frustrated if you are not able to insert it in the first time, just take a moment, breathe deeply and try again.

  1. For extraction, find a comfortable position. With your clean hands, introduce your fingers until you find the cup base and tighten it in order to break the vacuum effect. Remove it carefully and make sure you extract the cup vertically to not spill anything. Clean the cup with water or with a water-based soup (no alcohol or oil) and insert it again. If you are away from home, put in your hand bag wet wipes.
  2. It is recommended to sterilize it the first time you use it and after your menstrual period.



The menstrual cup Iriscup comes in two sizes (S and L) to be used depending on the age and background of motherhood. The color does not affect your usage mode.

Size S: indicated for women under 25 with normal flow or has not had any natural childbirth. Capacity of 15 ml.

Size L: suitable for women over or under 25 with heavy flow or have had a natural childbirth. Capacity of 20 ml.



  • Take the menstrual cup off before intercourse.
  • Virgin women can use the menstrual cup perfectly. However, we recommend you to wet the cup or apply a small amount of water based lubricant in order to make the insertion easier.
  • Do not use it if you have any infections.
  • It is not recommended for those women who just give birth.



Material: It is made of medical silicone, the safest and biocompatible material that can come into contact with or bodies, because it will not cause any reaction such as an allergy or inflammation.



If you want to buy the Iris Cup, click here.


The purpose of this post is purely informative. It does not replace a medical consultation.


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