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Cerclage Pessary

<span style="\&quot;color:rgb(100," 100,="" 100);="" font-family:open="" sans,sans-serif;="" font-size:14px\"="">The pessary consists of flexible comfortable silicone. Like all silicone pessaries it is elastic, it can be folded and thus be inserted without pain. The cervical pessary is designed for the treatment of pregnant women, to support the cervix mainly in patients with additional complaints of prolapse (painful “downwards” pressure during standing and walking), pregnant women who are exposed to physical strain (e.g. standing for a long time), increased intrauterine pressure, e.g. multiple pregnancies or ultrasound signs of an incompetent cervix.

Cerclage Pessaries can prevent cervical incompetence and, thereby, late abortion or premature delivery. Nowadays this riskless therapy is an alternative to surgical intervention. Both methods show a success rate of 80 - 90 %.
\nCerclage Pessaries can be securely placed due to their bowl shape and curvature heights of 17, 21 or 25 mm. Cerclage pessaries are inserted by an obstetrician, depending on the diagnostic findings, after approx. week 16. Cleansing or replacement is required depending on clinical or bacteriological fluoric findings.

The sizes refer to inside diameter / outside diameter / height.