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Pessaries of urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse

Pessaries of urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse Silicone pessaries are a solution to prolapse related to pregnancy as well as prolapse and incontinence of women. The pessary restores continence by stabilizing the proximal urethra and urethrovesical junction; And improve urinary incontinence in some women by increasing functional length of the urethra, closure pressures of the urethra, and cough profiles. They are made of non-allergenic medical grade silicone, soft and foldable, does not absorb odors or secretions, is resistant to cleaning and autoclave use. All models are made of silicone except for the inflatable balloon which is made of latex. There are 25 models of different sizes.

1 Cube Tandem (Silicone)                                   13 Gellhorn 95% Rigid (Silicone)

2 Hodge with handle (Silicone)                          14 Shaatz (Silicone)

3 Risser (Silicone)                                                 15 Ring with reinforcement (Silicone)

4 Smith (Silicone)                                                  16 Ring with handle (Silicone)

5 Hodge with reinforcement (Silicone)              17 Incontinence plate (Silicone)

6 Hodge (Silicone)                                                 18 Incontinence Plate with Reinforcement (Silicone)

7 a) Cube (b) with perforations) (Silicone)              19 Ring with handle and reinforcement (Silicone)

8 Hodge with handle and reinforcement (Silicone)        20 Ring (Silicone)

9 Regulates (Silicone)                                           21 Donut (Silicone)

10 Gehrung (Silicone)                                            22 Incontinence Ring (Silicone)

11 Gehrung with handle (Silicone)                       23 Inflatable Ball (Latex)

12a / b Gellhorn Flexible stem a) short / b) long (Silicone)