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Retractors and hooks/stays

The Retraction system consists of a retractor and hooks/stays.

It is a system of self-absorption that is held thanks to the retraction of the hooks on the fabrics.

There are different models of retractors to cover innumerable types of surgeries as well as a wide range of hooks to retract deep tissue and / or superficial tissues.

As for the retractors we can distinguish two types, reusable retractors and single-use retractors. Within these there are different ways to cover innumerable types of surgeries.

The technique to be used with Lone Star retractors is simple:

1. Adjust the sterile retractor to the anatomy of the surgical part.

2º Place the first two hooks (one in front of the other) with the same tension to stabilize the retractor ring and center it in the desired surgical part.

3º Add the additional two-in-two hooks facing each other. The hooks can be adapted to the necessary tension at each moment of the surgery.

Different available models