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Erector ring

Erector ring

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Erectile dysfunction is commonly called impotence . Normal erections are the result of increased blood flow in the penis. This blood is stored by the temporary closure of the veins draining the penis. Some men can not maintain an erection because penile veins remain open and this prevents enough blood is stored in the penis.

Many of these men can avoid this medical problem with using Erector Ring .

The Erector Ring keeps the blood in the penis thus prolonging the time that the erection is maintained by delaying the return flow of blood from the penis to the body.

Vascular diseases or conditions such as diabetes , hypertension , certain nerve injury , alcoholism, drugs and snuff can cause impotence. Impotence can also be a side effect of common drugs.

Erector Ring is a medical product designed to improve the quality and duration of erections. It is made of silicone rubber and available in three sizes. It is placed around the base of the penis and behind the scrotum ( testicles ) . This pressure reduces the flow of blood out of the penis.

The box contains three rings of different sizes (32, 38 and 50 mm ) . The thickness of the rings is 5 mm.