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Retractor table for veterinary

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SKU: KIT 4490 + 4412-6
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Retraction system designed to facilitate surgery animals being useful both to separate and to join tissue . It fits perfectly to the animal body with its hinges and gives a broad overview of the field to intervene. Allows one person to intervene because it eliminates many of the tools that hindered obstructing the treatment area .

Can be used up to 20 interventions (re- sterilizing is essential) .

All retractors include a packet of hooks

The retractor veterinary table is ready to use for both heating of hot water (up to 1.5 litters) as heating cable to keep the temperature of the animal.

Its specific design does not obstruct the surgical visualization and thanks to adjustable arm hooks can be placed in any position.

This table has 32 slots in its base and 10 additional slots in each arm for adjusting the adjustable hooks.

4490 : Retractor box 15.5 x 30.1 x 4.0 cm

4412-6 : Hooks ( 6 units)