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Small Incontinence Tampon (Box of 5 units)

Small Incontinence Tampon (Box of 5 units)

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Washable and reusable for 7 days.

Comfort and safety,you cannot feel it or see it.

Disappear olors and moisture.

You can practice all kinds of sports.


Steps to follow:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before use

2. Soak the tampon in hot water for a short period (about 1 minute) in a container or in running water and drain excess liquid. The buffer becomes smooth and elastic and is ready for use.

3. The tampon must be placed in the same way that a tampon for menstruation. Adopt a position to do so. Insert the tampon into the vagina as deep as necessary.

4. If you feel discomfort, change the position of the device simply moving a finger. The extraction cord must remain outside the vagina.

5. To remove the tamponyou must also adopt a position, to pull the thread extraction.

6. To use the tampon more than once, follow the washing instructions.

Wash mode The tampon should be cleaned after each use. Is boiled at least 3 minutes up to 10 minutes; or wash with warm water and 60 with mild soap. Once clean, drain, let it dry and store it in a safe place (no contaminants) until use. Contraindications:

Do not use during the period or while sleeping.

Need to change the tampon after swimming. Available in three sizes (small or mini, medium or regular, large or maxi).