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If you exercise your vagina with vaginal dilators silicone, you can say good bye to vaginal pains. The aim of the exercises is stretching (expanding) of the vagina in order to have sexual intercourse again, in a pleasant manner.

The Vagiwell dilators are suitable for clinical and home use. They are recommended for those who suffer from dyspareunia (pain in the genital areas after the intercourse), vaginismus, scarring following episiotomy or perineal laceration, during and after radiation therapy or chemotherapy, following gynecological surgery with decrease in size of the vagina and scar formation, dermatologic diseases such as lichen sclerosus, vaginoplasty or neovagina, tight vagina (virginity) and pain during gynecological examinations or when inserting a tampon.

We recommend you to get a dilator kit due to it allows exercising your vagina progressively. It is important to start with a small size. If you start a big one, you will find some difficulties to insert it and it could be painful.

How to use it

You should feel comfortable and relax, so choose a warm and comfortable place to exercise.

Steps to follow:

Clean the vaginal dilators with hot water and neutral soap before the first use. Once it has been used, clean them in the same way and keep them dry in the bag.

The exercises should be performed in a relaxed sitting or lying, with your legs bent and slightly spread. Notwithstanding, you can do it stand, with one leg up. It is advisable to apply a lubricant to facilitate the insertion; you can also apply water to wet the dilator or the opening of the vagina.

Starting with the smallest size, the dilator is introduced into the vagina and is kept there for several minutes (8-10 minutes). Move it from the inside out without removal from the vagina. Repeat the exercise for about 20 times. Unless prescribed otherwise by the physician, the exercises should be repeated daily.

When you want to finish, remove the dilator and remain in place a couple of minutes.

When one size can be introduced without any discomfort, move directly to the next size and repeat the previous process. When the largest dilator can be inserted without any discomfort, sexual intercourse can be attempted.

Cleanliness and disinfection

Dilators are intended for individual use. After using them, clean the dilators with hot water and neutral soap. Before keeping them in the bag, check if they are completely dry. In case of infection, you can boil them during 10 minutes.


Important: These dilators are made by silicone so make sure you clean them with neutral soap and apply a water-based lubricant. Otherwise, you will ruin the dilator´s material.


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The purpose of this post is purely informative. It does not replace a medical consultation.


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